Koppers Highlights Sustainability Achievements Including Notable Greenhouse Gas Reduction

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We are what the world is made of—we use renewable and repurposed raw materials to protect and extend the life of global infrastructure, for a more sustainable world.

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Our products serve as the foundational elements of our global infrastructure.

Each and every day, our team works to create essential products and provide services that help move, connect, and safeguard people. What we do is mission-critical to protecting what matters in our world today and preserving our future for a better tomorrow.
Our belief in doing things the right way for the right reasons is what drives us to deliver high-value products and services to markets addressing global needs and infrastructure demands. We believe that by setting our bar high, others will follow.

Koppers business model is circular by nature, structured on the reuse of waste and scrap materials. The recycling of these materials drives our production of wood preservatives for railroad crossties, utility poles, and outdoor wooden structures, as well as the manufacturing of aluminum, steel, and other essential products used every day. This process of byproduct transformation is our signature, the foundation upon which our company was built and, without a doubt, a critical demonstration of our roots in sustainability.

Koppers is Vertically Integrated

Learn more about our integrated approach to enhancing and modernizing infrastructure worldwide.

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Wood Enhancement Technologies

With more environmental certifications than any other wood treatment company, Koppers Performance Chemicals team creates chemicals essential to the preservation of key infrastructure materials like crossties and utility poles, along with outdoor structures such as decking and fencing.

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Trusted manufacturers of pressure-treated wood products for the railroad industry, Koppers has been the largest provider of railroad crossties for the Class I Railroads in North America for more than 25 years. Other products and services include a variety of bonded rail joint bars and track components as well as railroad bridge rehabilitation and inspection services.

A pledge to protect
Products manufactured and supplied with sustainability in mind.

Safety Data Sheets

Available for all Koppers products, Safety Data Sheets provide important product information and follow all state and federal regulations.

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Utility & Industrial

Our Utility & Industrial Products team helps manufacture sustainably sourced pressure-treated wood products for utility infrastructure, deep foundation systems, heavy civil and marine construction projects, and more.

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Carbon Products & Coating Solutions

Vital to the production of aluminum, steel, plastics, resins, treated wood, and rubber products, our carbon materials and chemicals strengthen the durability and life of railroad ties, utility poles, and more. High-value coatings that are currently under development will contribute to environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for emerging global markets.

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Railroad Structures

Railroad Structures  

Cost-effective repair and replacement methods with minimal traffic interruptions.

Utility Services

Utility Services  

Full-service installation, customized inspection, and utility infrastructure maintenance.

Recovery & Reuse

Recovery & Reuse  

Our recovery experts provide environmentally friendly end-of-life management options.